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The Playlist: Selena Gomez Chides an Ex, and Remy Ma Stomps on a Foe

Oumou Sangare emerged as a force in traditional-style Malian music, bringing the style of her home region, Wassoulou, to national and then international renown. She also took on the age-old role of the West African singer as a societal memory conscience, offering virtuous advice. Then she started collaborating with musicians worldwide, transporting the sound of Wassoulou along multiple avenues of funk. “Yere Faga” gently but urgently counsels against suicide using a groove from the great Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen, in an ancient-future mix: traditional balafons (marimbas), hearty call-and-response vocals and clouds of sustained female voices, deep bass lines and jabs of guitar noise, making the song at once rooted and unearthly. J.P.