Press Clipping
Oumou Sangaré, the big boss of Bamako

The most famous singer from Africa is also an extraordinary businesswoman, who owns, among others, a taxi company and 10,000 laying hens. Meet.
We know the mothers cake, less the mothers hydrocarbons. Superstar of the Malian song, Oumou Sangaré has just built for his only son, Cherif Haïdara, a petrol station in the Magnambougou district, in Bamako. "He wants to get into the petroleum to create a chain of petrol stations," she said, laying her first stone, laughing, "it's up to him to play now ..."

That day, Sangaré, back from an "umpteenth" tour in Australia, went through Paris to promote his disc, "Mogoya" (Bambara). A beautiful and cranky Afro-futuristic album with electro sounds, which breaks eight years of silence.