Press Clipping
Oumou Sangaré: this great Malian album that was no longer expected

For ages, Oumou Sangaré has acquired the authority of the most flamboyant modern African divas. She could have kept up her reputation and continued her feminist commitment. She could easily have traveled on this wave until retirement.

But she knows full well that West African music no longer has that creative impulse that propelled her to the height of world music ... three decades ago.

The Malian had not said her last word! By recruiting the Nigerian Tony Allen, the biggest Afrobeat drummer in history (formerly with Fela Kuti), she has completely upset the groove of her songs, grafting her with formidable rhythmic cells.

What's more, she has inscribed surly guitars (Guimba Kouyaté), riffs of absolutely irresistible keyboards, updated electronic sediments, not to mention the djembe and ngoni of her own culture, her original Wassoulou.

After eight years of discographical silence, this power singer proposes here a rich, coherent, very strong album, brilliantly made with the contribution of the French collective Albert - Vincent Taurelle, Ludovic Bruni and Vincent Taeger.

Here is this great Malian album that was no longer expected, certainly the best recorded by Oumou Sangaré.