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MUSIC // Oumou Sangaré, the Malian lioness

A force of nature

Oumou released her new album Mogoya, eight years after the last Seya , released in 2009. The singer explains to us that she prefers to " work without pressure" to go slowly at her own pace ... A rhythm however unbridled since this great lady juggles between Her career as a singer and company leader with her car brand (Oum Sang), her hotel in Bamako (the Wassoulou) and her pilot farm. A life at 300 km / h if you suspect it.

Music in the skin

And yet, music remains omnipresent, it is there, in it. Oumou explains: " I can work in the fields and compose" . One does not prevent the other, work is even its source of inspiration. His music, particularly appreciated by the African continent, passing through Copenague or Japan, touches men and women in their daily lives.

People of today

His latest album Mogoya , translated as "People of Today", continues to convey strong messages. Between questioning the correctness of the barbaric ancestral customs and glorifying traditional African values, the "Voice of Mali" does not mince words and manages to find a perfect balance in its songs and music. To get to this point, Oumou called on the trio of young French musicians Albert who have a nice range of collaborations, including Sébastien Tellier, Air and Charlotte Gainsbourg. These young musicians succeeded in keeping the traditional music of the singer while adding a retro-futuristic touch. Without forgetting the participation of the famous drummer Tony Allen who is part of this beautiful gathering of talents.

The clip Kamelemba, or in French "Runner of petticoats, has just come out. The singer warns the young girls against the beautiful speakers with the false promises of the future!

And the story does not end there. The diva who is never in trouble prepares the second edition of its December festival in the Wassoulou in Mali, its land of origin. Generous as it is, we are invited. Do not hesitate to join us.

Until then, discover the latest album by Oumou Sangare, Mogoya , on the Noformat label .
Or come listen to it live on June 17 at la Maroquinerie.